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Policy for Stronghold Reserve Activations
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Joined: 22nd Jan 2016
Rank: Executive Officer
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5th Feb 2016

Attention to Orders
Effective Immediately:  Reserves from Strongholds will be activated anytime there are 15 or more Phoenixx Rising Battalion members on TeamSpeak and World of Tanks.

Stronghold Reserves are boosters to your earnings in different areas.  Reserves include % enhancements to Combat Exp, Free Exp, Crew Exp and Credits depending on which one is running.  You can look in the "STRONGHOLD" tab in WoT game to see which Reserve is running.  Stronghold Reserves can only be turned on by the Co or Xo (this is a rule of WoT not the Battalion).  The 15 members must be actively engaged in the use of TeamSpeak and WoT.  Personnel in the rooms below the "Other" line in TeamSpeak will not be counted.  If you have any questions or would like further clarification please post in this forum or contact any of the Senior Officers.

By Dir.
Forum » Phoenixx Rising General Forum » News & Announcements
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