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Pers OffMaj Drake
Joined: 7th Feb 2017
Rank: Personnel Officer
Likes 11
7th Feb 2017

Hello all, 

As some of us found out Drake is crazy. I actually stopped into World of Tanks as a stress reliever so I could play my O-I Jap superheavy tank and bust some heads after a particularly grim fireball where 30 players caught my Cruiser in EVE ONLINE and blew me up on one of the many massive fleet murder squads that game has. 

So Havmore found me yesterday afternoon and I figured what the hell why not, (my usual criteria for making great decisions).

I actually am former clan member from about a year or two ago, my position was as the officer in charge of combat operations formally. Most shockingly I was responsible for keeping kids like Trippster in line, holy cucumber how did I ever do that. 

Back in those days Tripp was an ugly rejected orphan sergeant child, with a self persecution complex and a serious need for approval In the form of tormenting me and anyone else he could reach with his tanks gun. (I am not sure how much this really has changed)

Eventually I did actually quit, after having had enough of several people.
Naming names is not productive, but I will say that overall I am glad the clan has grown a lot lighter in certain command personnel who liked their shiny titles but not doing any real job.

Let me make it clear, to my mind leaders defend their people especially in the political aka mouth department. Ignoring problems just makes them worse. 

I will make a point of appearing on a regular basis, at the moment my time is unpredictable. 

I think ultimately I or someone like me will have to make a couple youtube videos showing sneaking around, and also how I move my camera around looking around almost like a radar observing the interactions of the tanks around me. Giving you a good glide path, as we would say to show why we choose to make crazy attack moves not just that they happen. 

At the present I will act as a reserve retired old fart who helps show people how its done before they put me out to pasture, but I want to give credit where credit is due to Trippster and Havmore for keeping the lights on around here. 

- Drake 
Forum » Phoenixx Rising General Forum » News & Announcements
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