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Tier VI Tanks Tripster wants in Strongholds
Forum » Combat, Tanks & Crews » Tier VI Stronghold Tanks
Joined: 22nd Jan 2016
Rank: Executive Officer
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29th Jan 2016

These are the tanks that I like to use to makeup the team during Tier VI Strongholds.  You should work to get at least 2 of these tanks in your garage:

1.  Cromwell /B, (fast, shoots faster, hit points)  British

2.  T-150, (good universal armor, choice of guns)  Russian

3.  T-37,  (scout/skirmisher)  American

4.  O-I, (superheavy works to for one shot killing tier 6 enemies. Weak side armor though)  Japanese

5.  KV-85,  (Good Gun, Quick to accelerate & Traverse, Armor is ok)  Russian

6.  Type 64, (Premium light tank, fast, good cammo & gun)  Chinese

Other tanks to consider after obtaining at least 3 of the above:

A.  M6, (high firing rate, gun depression, gun mantle, good turret, hit points) American

B. VK.30.01 (D) (Good Speed, Shoots fast, hit points and armor) German

C.  T-34-85 (all models), (good armor, mobility)

Other Platoon Leaders feel free to comment on your preferences.

Feel free to post any questions or comments.

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Last Edit: 17th Feb 2016 by Tripster
Joined: 15th Feb 2016
Rank: Recruit
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11th Apr 2016

Hellcat? Seen a lot of people use it.
Forum » Combat, Tanks & Crews » Tier VI Stronghold Tanks
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