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What works- Tier 6 stronghold attacking. 2 Modes
Forum » Combat, Tanks & Crews » Tier VI Stronghold Tanks
Pers OffMaj Drake
Joined: 7th Feb 2017
Rank: Personnel Officer
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7th Feb 2017

I will at some point get a lot of pictures for you guys. 

I want to talk about how people react to things in the game. 

In general, the first target they see they tend to shoot. Tanks coming in behind that first target get ignored for a while.  Even if that is only a few seconds to 30 seconds that's a lot in a fight. Then all hell breaks loose. 

There are a couple things you can do to take advantage of this. 

Jousting - Driving past your enemy at high speed, and then turning left or right, and shoot-moving at high speed. 

Nothing quite does it like charging straight at a guy then driving past, and sometimes ramming is attractive if they are low health YOUR TANK ITSELF IS A WEAPON DON'T JUST WAIT FOR RELOADS. Our Russian comrades know and use this often. 

Lighter and Medium tanks tend to do well over-running someones position and driving past, hopefully getting a good shot at the side of the enemy as you drive by. But the real goal here is to have them turn around presenting their ass to your teams side of the field. As they go after you.

This means your heaviest guns, now have a great shot up the butt of the bad guy. not a bad thing. 

Please think of the AT-2 as an example. It is an Iron Box. That kind of tank is what you would want to present as a good first target in the other kind of attack. More traditional we can call this an Iron Fist attack.

Present a big scary target, let them shoot him up. Send in your other tanks behind him, and some fast tanks to the sides. 

A lot of this has to do with timing, so we will have to present you with standard builds for some of these tanks. So that people are traveling at roughly the same speeds and whoever it is who is in command (not always Drake you lazy turds) will be able to depend on his tanks to do their roles well. 

In an Iron Fist you will want a core of 2-3 really scary well armored targets. Just one would probably be murder on anything less than a British Tank Destroyer simply because of how many gold shells people use. 
Pinyata tanks would be T-150, O-I, AT-2 or its bigger cousin, and even the tier 6 Churchill.

Shark tanks to swarm in after them would be Cromwell's, A-43's and T37's even an AMX 12t (some of you might hate me for saying so but their clipped auto-loader is a gift from god in close quarters).

The sharks will come in as a pack either directly behind the big iron box tanks or around from the side. Depending on map and commander preference. The important thing is the bait and switch. Let the big tanks take heat, then send in the small tanks, ideally getting high speed passes. small tanks must MAKE TARGETS THE HEAVY TANKS HIT A PRIORITY TO KNOCK OUT ENEMY GUNS FROM THE FIGHT.

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Pers OffMaj Drake
Joined: 7th Feb 2017
Rank: Personnel Officer
Likes 11
17th May 2017

In recent times you will see Drake in a VK 100.01P a huge german tank resembling the MAUS.
That is a good example of an Iron Box Tank. Making the metaphor easier on the eye since it is pretty much a box.
The longer the heavy tanks last, i.e. the better skilled these drivers are the longer the squish tanks like the UDES tank destroyer or the autoloaders will last.

It helps a lot if american tanks like the Patriot or the T34 or the T 32 use hills to advantage. You will want to avoid building teams of exclusively one tank unless you are prepared for a straight out charge. Which makes life easier on the team because your no longer shouting three sets of orders.
Pers OffMaj Drake
Joined: 7th Feb 2017
Rank: Personnel Officer
Likes 11
17th May 2017

Forum » Combat, Tanks & Crews » Tier VI Stronghold Tanks
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