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Member Responsibilities
AltoWarrior 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Sep 2017
Battalion News
Article IV. (Requirement and Responsibilities)
All members must have at least one tier 6 tank from the Stronghold list in order to have the rank of private and be certified Combat Ready. If they do not have one they will be demoted to recruit until they obtain one.
All Combat Ready members in platoons are expected to participate in stronghold battles regularly (minimum of 2 Strongholds per rolling 28 day period).  Those not meeting a reasonable expectation to participate will be warned (personal message) and face demotion if recommended by those officers they report to.  Failure to come to team training sessions or participate regularly in strongholds sends a clear message that you do not want to be an active member of the Battalion. As such you are you will be excluded from various Battalion activities until you demonstrate a level of commitment expected of all members.
All members are required to use Battalion communication systems (TeamSpeak).  If a situation arises where you cannot use TeamSpeak on your computer, and/or if you have device problems in general notify your immediate superior who will pass the information up the chain of command.  If the issues persists you may be reassigned to the Reserves Platoon pending further action.
All Battalion members should regularly check the website at: www.phoenixxrising.us to check for scheduled activities and updated information.
Those holding the rank of Platoon Sergeant or above are expected to run stronghold battles regularly. A person of lower rank may be allowed to run strongholds when sanctioned by a senior officer.
Any member is allowed to create a training room or to invite any Battalion member to join a spontaneous platoon, however preference should be given to regular platoon mates when there is a conflict.

Regards AltoWarrior

20th Sep 2017 XOLtCol Tripster
Very well Said Alto, better words have not been spoken by the greatest of wordsmiths. One should contemplate these responsibilities and decide which way they wish to go.
20th Sep 2017 Pvt AliX
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