Phoenixx Rising Battalion Bylaws

The members of Phoenixx Rising Battalion believe that through membership in the Battalion our common interest in World of Tanks can foster friendship and camaraderie, build skills and a better understanding of the game, and facilitate a fraternal and inclusive atmosphere with all members.

All members will work together and within the structure of the Battalion to develop a better understanding of World of Tanks by platooning with one another, participating in stronghold battles, team trainings, and other Battalion activities. Furthermore, members will monitor the Battalion’s website and strive to build capacity in fellow Battalion members in the interest of improving skills, knowledge, and culture of our Battalion.

1 Structure
2 Ranks
3 Promotion
4 Requirements and Responsibilities
5 Sanctions and Penalties

Article I. (Structure)
The Phoenixx Rising Battalion has a fundamental structure. The purpose of this structure  is to provide the best environment to allow all Battalion members to actively participate in activities, build rapport and tactical knowledge. To that end the Battalion will utilize the following structure;

Command Group

Combat/Training Group  |  Platoon Commanders

Platoon Sergeants

Alpha Platoon  |  Bravo Platoon  |  Charlie Platoon  |  Reserves Platoon

Phoenixx Rising Battalion is composed of three active platoons and one reserve platoon.  Each of the three platoons is commanded by a Platoon Sergeant and Assistant Platoon Sergeant.  The three platoons are comprised of the active combat members of the Battalion.  The reserves platoon will comprise new, transitionary, inactive or unassigned members.

Article II. (Ranks)
World of Tanks has a number of set ranks that are used by all clans in the game. The ranks establish the various roles and chain of command. They include;
1 Commander
2 Executive Officer
3 Personnel Officer
4 Combat Officer
5 Intelligence Officer
6 Quartermaster
7 Recruitment Officer
8 Junior Officer
9 Private
10 Recruit

1.  The Battalion is headed by the Commander. The Battalion Commander manages and leads the Battalion. All members are under his supervision.

2.  The Executive Officer reports directly to Battalion Commander and assists him in running the Battalion.  The Executive Officer directly supervises the senior officers (Personnel Officer, Combat Officer, Quartermaster and Platoon Commanders).

3.  The Personnel Officer reports directly to the Executive Officer and assists him with his duties.  The Personnel Officer manages all personnel movement, promotions and discipline.  Provides for the general administration of the Battalion including the Battalion website as well as Battalion webpage on WoT.  The Personnel Officer directly supervises the Recruitment Officers and the Reserves Platoon.

4.  The Combat Officer reports directly to the Executive Officer and is responsible for all training and development of the Battalion members.  The Combat Officer directly supervises the Assistant Combat Officers and the Platoon Sergeants.  The Combat Officers responsibilities will include; Clan Wars, Tournaments, Strategies and Combat development of the Battalion.

5.  The Intelligence Officer, Role not yet defined

6.  The Quartermaster reports directly to the Executive Officer and is responsible for managing the Battalions coin.  The Quartermaster will maintain an accurate log of all Battalion finances.  He will disburse payments as directed by the Commander or Executive Officer.

7.  The Recruitment Officer(s) answers directly to the Personnel Officer and works with the platoons. His primary role is to actively look for new members to join the clan and helps other clan mates in their endeavor to do the same.

8.  The Platoon Commanders report directly to the Executive Officer and are responsible for the running and management of all Strongholds.  They will work with the Combat Officers in helping identify training needs for the Battalion as well as supporting organized Battalion training.

9.  The Assistant Combat Officers report directly to the Combat Officer and assist with all his duties and responsibilities as directed.

10.  The Platoon Sergeants report directly to the Combat Officer and are responsible for the development and training of all Platoon members through a mentor type approach.  Platoon Sergeants will select an individual from within their platoon to serve as the Assistant Platoon Sergeant.  They will communicate with the Combat Officer with recommendations for training needs as well as supporting the organized Battalion training sessions.  They will work with the Platoon Commanders in the running of Strongholds and development of callers.  The Platoon Sergeant will directly supervise the Assistant Platoon Sergeant and all members of the Platoon.

11.  The Assistant Platoon Sergeants report directly to the Platoon Sergeant and assist him with all duties and responsibilities. 

All combat ready members in Platoons are designated Private unless they hold some other rank. Privates answer to their Platoon Sergeants. It is their job to seek out their platoon mates and spend as much time as is reasonable to maintain a cohesive and functioning platoon. If a private cannot commit a minimal time to his platoon he should ask to be placed in the reserve platoon.
New members are recruits had hold no real rank. Once they are assigned to a unit and certified Combat Ready they are promoted to private.
Inactive players are demoted to reserve status if they have not been active for more than 28 days. After two months they will be dropped from the Battalion. Inactive members are those who are either not logging in and playing, have not participated in Strongholds at least twice in any rolling 28 day period, repeatedly ignoring posted Battalion activities, or not responding to various forms of communications from officers.

Article III. (Promotions)
It is the responsibility of each senior officer to recommend promotions when a position is open directly below them.  Senior Officers are promoted by the Battalion Commander.

The Personnel Officer will promote recruits to private when they have cycled through training and are deemed Combat Ready.

Officers Candidate School allows any clan member with the minimum requirements to apply for and become a staff officer after completing the program. In order to apply you must first show an interest and request to be in the program, be recommended by an officer of the rank of quartermaster or above, and be in the clan for a minimum of 30 days. If those requirements are met you will be trained by a Battalion officer(s) in the following areas;
1 Recruitment – must bring in 3 new members who stay at least one month*
2 Demonstrate knowledge of Global Map and Stronghold (oral exam)
3 Successful design and run a team training
4 Complete 3 hours of strongholds as leader
5 Participate in 3 Clan Wars (as a member)
* If any of your new recruits do not stay in the clan for 30 days you will need to find replacements who also need to stay for at least 30 days. After 60 days if this requirement is not met you will be demoted to last position until this requirement is met and then promoted again. If there are enough Battalion members that recruitment is not possible and there are no current members who should be dropped from the Battalion this requirement will be waived.
After completing the program you will be promoted to rank of Recruitment Officer where you will remain until positions above are open and the Battalion is ready to fill them. All officers will be required to go through OCS (present officers are grandfathered in 02/15/2016) and then promoted to an available position by the Battalion Commander upon recommendation by a qualified officer (direct supervisor).

Article IV. (Requirement and Responsibilities)
All members must have at least one tier 6 tank from the Stronghold list in order to have the rank of private and be certified Combat Ready. If they do not have one they will be demoted to recruit until they obtain one.
All Combat Ready members in platoons are expected to participate in stronghold battles regularly (minimum of 2 Strongholds per rolling 28 day period).  Those not meeting a reasonable expectation to participate will be warned (personal message) and face demotion if recommended by those officers they report to.  Failure to come to team training sessions or participate regularly in strongholds sends a clear message that you do not want to be an active member of the Battalion. As such you are you will be excluded from various Battalion activities until you demonstrate a level of commitment expected of all members.
All members are required to use Battalion communication systems (TeamSpeak).  If a situation arises where you cannot use TeamSpeak on your computer, and/or if you have device problems in general notify your immediate superior who will pass the information up the chain of command.  If the issues persists you may be reassigned to the Reserves Platoon pending further action.
All Battalion members should regularly check the website at: to check for scheduled activities and updated information.
Those holding the rank of Platoon Sergeant or above are expected to run stronghold battles regularly. A person of lower rank may be allowed to run strongholds when sanctioned by a senior officer.
Any member is allowed to create a training room or to invite any Battalion member to join a spontaneous platoon, however preference should be given to regular platoon mates when there is a conflict.

Article V. (Sanctions and Penalties)
All Battalion members are expected to follow all rules established to promote fair game play, mutual respect, and the sharing of game knowledge. Orders given by a senior officer need to be followed by all subordinates. This includes in battle and all other game related interactions. Those who do not follow those orders are considered insubordinate and will face consequences. It is important that in the spirit of sportsmanship and integrity all members adhere to the rules. Those members who violate the rules are subject to sanctions and penalties to include, but are not limited to;
Verbal warning
Temporary ban from activities and/or comms (TeamSpeak)
Placement in the reserves platoon
Removal from the Battalion

Anyone who commits a flagrant infraction or demonstrates behaviors not in line with established expectations of the Battalion will be subject to a Disciplinary Board.  The Disciplinary Board will be led by the Executive Officer and will include the Personnel Officer and the Combat Officer (in the absence of any of the above officers the Commander will appoint a senior officer to the board).  The Disciplinary Board will listen to the evidence and issue a recommendation to the Battalion Commander who will make the final ruling on the issue.